Zircon Crucibles

Primarily used in melting platinum group alloys, standard sizes range from 2.625" OD x 1.625" ID x 2.750" Ht to 6.750" OD x 6.00" ID x 10.625" Ht *.

Acera Technology crucibles are made from a higher quality zircon material than most standard zircon crucibles. This is a strong, high temperature composition that performs well in both high purity and “dirty” melts. Acera Technology zircon composition (99% ZrSiO4) provides superior quality and extended life at a lower cost than pure zirconia alternatives.

Dimensions for common sizes CLICK HERE

* Many crucibles are available in both flat and round bottom; with or without pouring spouts. Please inquire about any custom sizes you may require.


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