Acera Technology:

Manufacturer of high quality ceramic products since 1951

Delivers industrial solutions needing superior high temperature , corrosion resistance , wear resistance, + electrical isolation or strength performance.

A designer of custom ceramic components and products.

Toll firing for ceramic parts or powders Committed to surpassing our customers’ expectations.

Our legacy began in 1951 as a company established to deliver terra cotta products for the building industry. Over the ensuing decades, the company engineered solutions for a broad spectrum of applications with ceramic materials ranging from high purity alumina to zircon.

Acera’s ceramic products serve applications ranging from heat treating to metal and glass melting to chemical processing.

The success over the last 20 years drove a dramatic increase in our ceramic products portfolio and technical ceramic capabilities.

Acera routinely processes parts with dimensions up to about 48 inches in cordierite or mullite compositions as well as higher purity alumina and fused silica bodies. Furthermore, our capability to fire more efficiently at higher temperatures, enabled the production of fine grained, dense, high performance ceramics at very attractive prices to our customers.

In addition to ceramic part manufacturing Acera provides toll firing and powder calcining services for ceramic materials that are compatible with our equipment and processes. These are most suitable for oxide ceramics as they are gas fired kilns. For powder calcining, we can also supply suitable saggers in either cordierite, mullite, zircon, fused silica or alumina.


Manufacturer of Alumina, Fused Silica, Mullite, Zircon and Cordierite Ceramic Components