Acera Technologies manufactures custom industrial ceramic parts including:

Crucibles and boats
• Saggers, Setters, Plates
• Custom Ceramic Components
• Tubes
• Labware
• Industrial Furnace and Burner parts

We tailor our products to meet stringent specifications in industries such as: mineral processing, glass processing, metal melting and assaying, heat treating, powder metal processing, chemical processing, chemical analysis and defense. Our materials deliver superior performance for temperature resistance, strength, chemical or corrosion resistance , electrical isolation , and abrasion resistance.

Additionally we provide toll firing and powder calcining services for temperatures up to 3000 degrees F.

element holders spacers rails flame targets ceramic crucibles alumina crucibles fused silica crucibles zircon crucibles Industrial ceramic parts for furnaces


Manufacturer of Alumina, Fused Silica, Mullite, Zircon and Cordierite Ceramic Components